MWRA: Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association MWRA: for the protection and preservation of Maryland wildlife

Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (MWRA) Mission Statement

The MWRA is an association of wildlife rehabilitators whose mission is to support and advance wildlife rehabilitation in the State of Maryland.

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The Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association was formed in 1998 for the protection and preservation of Maryland wildlife.

MWRA fulfills this purpose by acting as a support network for Maryland wildlife rehabilitators and by:

  • Providing a referral network and promoting the exchange of information and knowledge
  • Promoting and enhancing professionalism of Maryland wildlife rehabilitator
  • Educating the general public about Maryland's wildlife and encouraging their respect and appreciation of Maryland's wildlife
  • Encouraging the public's assistance in the preservation of Maryland wildlife in the face of urban development and the loss of natural habitat

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