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MWRA Referral Directory

Individuals listed in this directory have the required permits to work with wildlife. MWRA provides this service solely for the benefits of its members and the public. It is not intended in any way to endorse anyone on this list.

When you contact a rehabilitator, you most likely will get an answering machine, particular during the very busy spring/summer season. Please be patient and they will call you back. It is up to the public to transport the animal to the rehabilitator, if at all possible.

Do not risk injury to yourself or the animal if you are unable or uncertain about handling it. Instead, give the exact location [e.g. "corner of Main Street and First Avenue" or "3 miles south on Mid-County Highway from Woodfield Rd."] and approximate description [e.g. "found a large bird that I think is injured" or "found a small deer that I think is abandoned"] to the nearest rehabilitator. All rehabilitators will be too busy during the heavy season to leave and pick up an animal. In some cases, the local animal control will be able to pick it up.


Anne Arundel County

Davidsonville Wildlife Center
Sandra Carr
Davidsonville, MD
Fawns, Small Mammals

Kristi Wright
Annapolis, MD
Squirrels Only

Baltimore County

Amy Bourasseau
Ellicott City, MD
Opossums Only

Phoenix Wildlife Center, Inc.
Kathleen Woods
Northern Baltimore County
Raptors, Songbirds, Small Mammals, Bald Eagle Permit

Calvert County

Carroll County

Cecil County


Charles County

Frederick County

Harford County

Howard County

Amy Bourasseau
Ellicott City, MD
Opossums Only

All Creatures Great and Small
Judy Holzman
Columbia, MD
Birds and Mammals, No RVS

Montgomery County

Second Chance Wildlife Center
Kathleen Handley
Gaithersburg, MD
Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Bats

Rhonda Giles
Silver Spring, MD
Squirrels, Rabbits, Groundhogs

Lee Prouty
Rockville, MD
Waterfowl Conflict Issues & Rescues

Owl Moon Raptor Center
Suzanne Shoemaker
Boyds, MD
301-353-8947301-353-8947 (Leave messages here)
301-908-7249301-908-7249 (Cell)
Raptors only

Prince Georges County


St. Marys County

Back To The Wild Rescue and Rehabilitation Center
Mary Martin
California, MD
240-298-6324240-298-6324 or
Rabies Vector Species and Small Mammals

Washington County

Barbara & Michael Main
Clear Spring, MD
Fawns, Small Mammals, Waterfowl, Water Birds, Passerines, Bats, Reptiles


Washington D.C.

City Wildlife
Anne Lewis
Washington, D.C.
Small Mammals, Birds, Reptiles














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